breast cancer

Why We Wear Pink

If you’re out and about this month, chances are you might see some seas of pink. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But why pink, do you think? It all started with ribbons. The …

bosu ball benefits

6 Amazing BOSU Ball Benefits

  If you walk into the gym each, look at the weight racks for the 1000th time, and wish that there was more to your workout, there's good news. All you need is an exercise ball -- in fact, you…

side plank

Side Plank for a Stronger Core

Most of us know how to plank and realize how important it is to strengthen the core. Planks not only help you get a stronger midsection, but they also reduce the risk of back injuries and strengthen s…

ideal weight

What is Your Ideal Weight?

  Every person's ideal weight is unique to them. Although a person's height is the general guideline, other factors also come into play including, age, gender, metabolism and level of activity…

quick runner snacks

3 Quick Snacks for Runners

  Runners need food that’s easy to digest and transport to fuel their bodies during training sessions. Ultimately, the goal (no matter whether you’re a beginner or an ultra-marathoner) is to c…