20-Minute Functional Workout That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again!

feel like a kid again

Do you remember what it felt like to be waiting in a “Duck-Duck-Goose” circle? Your little fanny was glued to the ground and your heart raced in anticipation. Would you be picked this time around? Were you ready to race if you got tapped? The spontaneity and quick-fire movement was exciting! Harness that spirit! This 5-move, 20-minute functional workout will not only help you increase your speed, agility and power, it will leave you smiling like a playful kid.

20-minute Functional Workout That Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again!

You can do this workout 20-minute functional workout by yourself, or make it a play-date for some friendly competition. Ready, Set, Go!


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Kids make jumproping look so darn easy. It’s not! It takes your breath away. Still, you should give it a try. Jump quickly and close to the ground. Perform 50 seconds of jumping, then rest for 10 seconds or a little more. See if you can do 5 rounds.


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Duck-Duck-Goose Med Ball Hurl:

You can get off the ground and run in a flash, right? We’ll see. Sit “criss-cross-applesauce” while holding a medicine ball to your chest. Hurl the ball across the room as far as you can. If you’re playing with others, see who can toss it the farthest and fastest. As soon as the ball hits the ground, get up without using your hands. You might be shocked to find how hard that can be. Contract your core, control your leg muscles, trust your ankles and RISE-UP and RUN to get your ball. Return to your starting place, and sit down without using your hands. Repeat the sequence as many times as you can in 5-minutes.


Why, as adults, do we deprive ourselves of regularly skipping? It’s one of the most joyful movements our bodies can do. There’s something about being momentarily airborne while moving forward that enlivens the soul. Plus, the heart-revving move will make your fanny, calves and quads a sprint-ready powerhouse trio. Skip slowly for 10 seconds, lifting your knees high to activate your hip flexors. Then skip fast and low to the ground for 50 seconds. Repeat this for 5 rounds.


Use agility dots or painter’s tape to mark the floor for foot placement. Remember a “Hopscotch” pattern is a one-foot hop, then a wide two-footed hop, one-foot, two-foot, etc. moving forward for five sets. Once you have your marks set-up, do the traditional hop pattern down the board as quickly as you can. Walk back to home. Repeat. Mix it up and hit all the marks with both feet to challenge your muscles and mind with lateral movement. Then try hitting the marks while using only your left foot to work on stability and ankle strength. Try it with your right. Play for 5 minutes.

Tag or Sprints:

If you’re alone, run sprints; 30 seconds fast like someone’s chasing you, followed by 30 seconds slow. If you’re with friends, do like you did as a kid- make up the rules and…


Play your heart out. But, don’t forget, stretch when you’re done lest ye grown body be stiff!


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