3 Helpful Tips For Buying The Perfect Workout Pants

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One of the best things about working out on a regular basis, in my opinion, is getting to purchase new workout clothes. When buying workout pants, there are some important things to consider and mistakes to avoid, especially if you’re a woman! Here are some guidelines to follow when buying the perfect workout pants.


Follow These Guidelines To Get Your Perfect Workout Pants

1) Check the thickness

Please read this guideline a few times! Check the thickness of potential workout pants by either placing your hand on the inside of the pants and pressing on the fabric or bending over/squatting in front of a dressing room mirror. Can you see your hand when you press into the fabric? Or even worse, do you see what color your underwear are as you bend over in the pants? This is a major gym foul. Believe me, as a boot camp instructor and personal trainer, I’ve seen this mistake far too many times!

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2) Avoid cotton

Want the perfect pair of workout pants? Then avoid cotton. Cotton pants will show every drop of sweat and probably won’t dry for the rest of the day. Yuck! And you’ll be very uncomfortable. Instead, choose fabrics that contain synthetic materials (nylon, spandex) for an optimal stretch, comfort, and dryness.

3) Watch the waistband

Sure, your workout pants might look good and feel comfortable when you stand straight in the dressing room. But how will they look when you actually start moving? Many women choose a thicker waistband with a stretchy material, so it doesn’t cut into their waistline when they’re working out. This also ensures that your workout pants stay put!

When you want to purchase the perfect workout pants, follow these simple guidelines. It will be easier and far less embarrassing. You deserve to look your best, stay dry and keep covered up in the gym!


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