4 Reasons You Should Never Skip Leg Day

never skip leg day

Leg day makes a lot of us want to run and hide. Far too many of us skip this important day each week, opting for the ease of a cardio machine that doesn’t require a lot of thought or working on the muscles that we see more of, like our arms. There are also a lot of myths surrounding leg day that can lead people to skip this muscle group; fears such as getting bulky or hurting the knees are common.

It’s easy to rationalize skipping leg day. It’s probably the most labor-intensive group of muscles to work (for most of us). But it’s time to stop the excuses!

Let me show you 4 reasons why you should never skip leg day again: 

  • You’ll burn more calories: Did you know that the gluteus maximus (aka your butt) is the biggest muscle in your body? When you work big muscles like the glutes on leg day, you’ll end up burning more calories, because they require more energy to execute movements and have a greater metabolic demand.
  • You’ll increase your speed and power: Want to get faster? Jump higher? Most of us would love to increase our athleticism. When we regularly perform exercises like squats, deadlifts, lunges and plyometrics such as box jumps, we’ll get dramatically faster and more powerful.
  • You’ll move better: Training legs helps to increase our functional movement. This translates into better performance in everyday tasks, from picking up grocery bags to going up and down stairs.
  • You can keep injuries at bay: A lot of injuries occur in the lower extremity of the body because we skip leg day; this can lead to all sorts of muscular imbalances and instability in the joints. If we spend time strengthening the muscles around the knee and hip joint, it’s like building a fortress to ward off potential injuries. Many people can reverse or at least lessen the pain associated with certain joint injuries, too!

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