5 Benefits of a BootyBarre Class



Barre class grows trendier every day, but not all exercise enthusiasts are willing to tone down the cardio while strengthening their bodies at the barre. Fortunately, this is no longer required, as BootyBarre brings a new element of dance fever to the challenging barre workout so many have come to know and love. Get your butt to the gym for a BootyBarre class — you’ll enjoy amazing benefits.


5 Reasons to Try a BootyBarre Class

Increased Core Strength

One of the chief goals of BootyBarre is to build participants’ cores, for a good booty is nothing without a solid core to support it. BootyBarre’s mix of Pilates, yoga, and ballet movements targets the core in a way no other fitness class can.

Improvements in Flexibility

It can be difficult to build strength and flexibility at the same time, but both ideals are possible when you engage in focused stretching. Instead of feeling stiff (as you do when you take other strengthening classes) or weak (as you might following a flexibility-based class), you will feel limber, yet strong upon emerging from a successful session at the barre.


A chief complaint among barre skeptics is that the class offers limited opportunities for cardio. This is not a problem in BootyBarre, as the added element of dance quickly increases participants’ heart rates. The unique combination of cardio, strengthening exercises, and stretching allows BootyBarre enthusiasts to target all essential aspects of exercise in one enjoyable class.


The options don’t end with the mere concept of BootyBarre; this is just one term used to describe a variety of great classes. BootyBarre Flex & Flow places a greater emphasis on flexibility training, while BootyBarre Plus is all about hardcore cardio. No matter which BootyBarre class you take, you’ll come away with an excellent workout that leaves you exhausted, but wanting more.

It’s Fun!

If you find yourself yawning through typical barre classes, you might need to kick it up a notch with a more exciting dance-based class. BootyBarre will allow you to groove out while enjoying all of the strength and flexibility benefits associated with the ballet barre. This is the perfect class to attend with the friends who ordinarily accompany you to Zumba or to dance night at the club.

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