5 Ways to Experience Successful Weight Loss


You can search the Internet, fitness magazines and gyms for ways to help you experience successful weight loss. But it’s difficult to navigate through all the information available to you. Where one “expert” indicates that you should eat this food or do this workout, another one might be telling you the complete opposite.

The following five tips are from registered dietitians who have seen numerous patients and helped them experience weight loss. I think you’ll be impressed by the validity of their tips and benefit as a result.

5 Tips to Have a Successful Weight Loss

  1. Know your why: If you don’t have a specific goal, odds are that you might get lost along the way. Why do you want to lose weight in the first place? What is driving you to make a change? Identifying your “why” will help you keep your motivation on track when trying to achieve your goal.
  2. Plan and prepare: It’s really difficult to experience weight loss without having a plan or preparing any of your meals. But it’s also important to know that you don’t have to be perfect at this. And you don’t have to live out of Tupperware. Meal planning has a quick learning curve, so with some time you’ll find it less of a challenge and more of a routine.
  3. Vegetable your way to thin: Learn about vegetables and start adding them to each of your meals. Most people who experience successful weight loss and keep it off eat vegetables on a regular basis. Not only are veggies lower in calories, but they also pack major nutrients and health benefits. Focus on a minimum of three cups per day. You can do this by getting all of your vegetables in one meal or filling half your plate with them throughout the day. And don’t get caught up in thinking you have to eat one type of vegetable. Find ones you enjoy and recipes that help you realize how tasty veggies can be!
  4. This can be fun: Did you ever think that weight loss could be fun? Did you ever think eating healthy could taste good? Well it can! It involves changing your mindset and being open to different experiences. The more you’re willing to say goodbye to stereotypes and negative stories of weight-loss attempts, the more you’ll be able to experience successful weight loss for yourself.
  5. Pick yourself up: We all have bad days, weeks and months. The key is to pick yourself up after you fall off track and get back as soon as you can. Don’t beat yourself up, because guilt will never help you reach successful weight loss. Focus on today, because it’s what you can control.

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