6 Amazing BOSU Ball Benefits

bosu ball benefits


If you walk into the gym each, look at the weight racks for the 1000th time, and wish that there was more to your workout, there’s good news. All you need is an exercise ball — in fact, you only need half of one. BOSU balls, which stands for “both sides up”, are the hottest fitness trend since hot yoga. Don’t half-ass these half-balls, because they’ll kick all of your balls (provided you have balls to kick) whenever you use them for a workout. What’s so boss about BOSU? Here are some BOSU ball benefits you should know about.


Six BOSU Ball Benefits You Need to Know About!

1) Versatility

Want to get in a good stretch? Want to get better balance? Want to rehabilitate a limb with help from the best-looking trainer in the gym? The BOSU ball can be a lot of different things to a lot of the various workouts since it’s a tool for everything from flexibility to conditioning. Pick it up and have fun with it — you may be surprised what happens.

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2) A Big Thing in a Small Package

The BOSU is only about the size of a 45-pound plate, and significantly lighter. Pick it up and take it from place to place, working out in the gym wherever you feel like. If you have a BOSU ball at home, it’s easy to store it wherever is convenient, and even take it on the road for a conference or a vacation.

“Even if you’re not doing crunches, you expend more energy to keep yourself stabilized.”

3) Core Galore

Want six-pack abs? Maybe you’re stuck on one-pack. No worries, the BOSU ball is one of the best workouts for the core because of the challenge of balancing on top of a bubble of air. Even if you’re not doing crunches, you expend more energy to keep yourself stabilized, developing the core muscle groups that look great come swimsuit season.

4) Amp Up The Mundane

Try doing a simple squat on dry land, then doing it on the BOSU. You’ll find it not only difficult but perhaps even impossible on the first try. If your workout routine has become too vanilla and you’re tired of switching between push-ups and sit-ups, try working out on top of a BOSU ball and even the old hat will become new and challenging as you re-adjust your balance constantly.

5) Twist and Shout

If you’re tired of being unable to reach to the top of a cabinet, get a grip on your flexibility by working out on a BOSU ball. Nothing improves your stretching and flexibility quite like gravity on all sides. Better still, it keeps your spine safe while you stretch, so there’s less risk of injury.

6) Variety

Get into the spice of life by taking your ordinary routine — whether planking or curling — onto a BOSU ball. Whenever you find yourself stalling out on dumbbells or medicine balls, keep in mind the many BOSU ball benefits and take the routine onto a ball to begin a new session.

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