Activated Charcoal: A Little Bit of Black Dust Can Brighten Your Health and Beauty

activated charcoal

Whether you feel it or not, your body is waging a constant battle with pollutants, seen and unseen. So, help your body. Draw out the enemy. Consider activated charcoal your ally; a war paint that can help you glow and know you’re giving your system a helping hand.

When you think about health and fitness, one of the first indicators is often how strong the heart is. This makes sense because the heart pumps away deep inside and renders vitality. But the largest part of the body, the first one everyone sees, is often an excellent indicator of your overall health. Which part of the body is that?

Your skin. Skin covers about 20 square feet of the typical human body. Skin deals daily with everything under the sun and deserves more respect than it seems to get. It absorbs certain vitamins but also acts as your body’s largest barrier against health hazards.

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activated charcoal beautyIf you pay attention to your health, it’s likely you think a lot about what goes into your body. Did you eat enough veggies today? Did you choose water over soda? And, the list goes on. But, do you give the same attention to what comes out of your pores?

Activated charcoal masks, soaps, and other beauty products are a safe, natural and effective way to clean skin and scalp. Brushed onto teeth, it can help whiten and brighten tooth surfaces and freshen gums.

Activated Charcoal: What is it?

Now, before you rush out to scrape carbon bits from the bottom of your backyard fire pit, note that there is a difference between activated charcoal, burned trash and the lumps of coal extracted by miners. Organic matter becomes charcoal when it is burned. The charcoal found in the latest beauty products is “activated.” That means there has been oxygen added to selectively chosen charred organic material to make it more porous. The activated charcoal found in many beauty products comes from specific sources like wood, coconut shells and elsewhere.

When put on the skin and left to sit for a while, activated charcoal draws out impurities from pores. It cleans your hair and scalp by binding to the yuck for you to rinse away. Your skin and scalp, however, do not absorb the charcoal. It works similarly when brushed on teeth and then rinsed off without ingestion.

Is activated charcoal in beauty products safe and effective? Sources say yes. It’s been used in many ways safely throughout human history to absorb toxins. Used to brighten your complexion or whiten your smile, charcoal based cleansers can give your bod a boost. Give it a try. Put on your game face and rub it on. You’ve got little to lose – except, of course, some nasty toxins which are exactly what you don’t want.

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