Add Fusion And Functional Fitness Exercises To Your Workout Routine



What new workout trends are you trying in 2016? Nothing worse then tiring of your current workout plan. What exercise trends did you predict would be the hottest in 2016? Did your favorite new routines make the hot list? If you named fusion and functional fitness exercises, they’re two not so new techniques, but healthy exercise trends making a mainstream debut this year.

Fusion and Functional Fitness Exercises For Optimal Health & And Wellness

Functional Training

Functional training is not new, but it is smart- it’s all about working with your daily lifestyle so you can master it. A combination of balance, strength and core training, stability, force, and power- functional training is about endurance to help make your daily life better. Wondering how this is achieved or what types of activities will keep you ready for everyday life? Functional fitness exercises that force multiple muscle groups are key. Think about it- an activity such as shoveling snow or raking leaves is not an isolated movement- it requires multiple muscle groups to communicate & work together to achieve a task. Isolated movements in the gym leave little room to connect the brain and body the way that functional training can.

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Fusion Training

To complement the practice of functional training, you guessed it, fusion training- the exercise routine that combines several different types of exercise in one. Again, real-life activities rarely isolate on muscle group to be optimally performed. Think of PiYo ( pilates and yoga) or Piloxing (Pilates, boxing, and dance). While some may be a stretch (there is a class offered in Los Angeles that combines pilates and drumming- not that it is a bad workout, but will it catch on? maybe in LA), a fusion style class keeps neurological wellness in check too by keeping you on your toes. This will keep you from hitting a plateau because you are always switching up your routines.

Major benefits of both reach beyond just looking good- studies are looking at how neurological and cardiovascular wellness can benefit from these types of workouts- particularly when longevity wellness is concerned. If you’re looking to improve the way you move throughout your day overall, functional training is for you to try! If you tend to be someone who gets bored with routines and then experiences a lull in their workout habits, fusion training is likely for you.

Have a favorite fusion or functional exercise you would like to share with our readers here? Tell others what works for you in the comments below.


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