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Thigh Gap

Why the Thigh Gap Trend is a Complete Joke

With social media seemingly taking over the world, it's hard to deny that some trends are much more lame than others. While it may be fun to hop on the bandwagon for cool apps, makeup brands, and even…

group fitness class

Do Group Fitness Classes Actually Work?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if group fitness classes work? While nothing feels quite as rewarding as a killer solo workout, the one thing that can beat sweating it out on your own is partici…

ab exercises

5 Killer Ab Exercises for a Rock Hard Core

Whether it's bikini season or the middle of the winter, the chance to rock killer abs is something everyone at the gym wants. It doesn't matter if you're fresh out of high school or hitting up the bin…

bosu ball benefits

6 Amazing BOSU Ball Benefits

  If you walk into the gym each, look at the weight racks for the 1000th time, and wish that there was more to your workout, there's good news. All you need is an exercise ball -- in fact, you…