4 Basic TRX Moves You Need to Know

TRX bands

TRX may have been developed for hardcore Navy SEALs, but you don’t have to be GI Jane to try these amazing workouts!

TRX is great for everyone because almost every exercise can be tweaked to increase intensity (or modified to give help where needed). Ready to get started? Don’t worry; this isn’t Basic Training – it’s Basic TRX!

TRX Basics: 4 Moves For Beginners

1) Side Plank

JTRXust like a traditional side plank on the floor, this exercise engages your abdominal muscles, especially the obliques. You can perform the side plank on your elbow (easier) or your hand (harder).

Start with the TRX straps at mid-calf, place both feet in the loops and come into a suspended plank position, shoulders over hands, body in a straight line from head to toe. Slowly, roll onto your left side so that your left elbow is directly under your left shoulder; top leg will be in front of your bottom leg; your core is engaged.

Keeping your bottom hip lifted to help stabilize your body, reach your top arm towards the ceiling. Hold the side plank for 15 seconds (easier) or 30 seconds (harder). Switch sides. Click here to view this exercise.

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2) Biceps Curl

A) Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place your palms in the TRX handle, facing upwards and stand back with your arms extended. Curl your handles toward your head and keep your elbows pointed forward.

B) While engaging your core and squeezing your glutes, extend your arms. Squeezing your biceps, curl your handles toward your head, back to starting position. Click here to view this exercise.

3) Leg Curls

Leg Curls is a great lower body exercise because it targets the hamstrings and glutes all while working your core! Lie on the floor with heels in TRX straps, positioned just below the anchor point. With arms extended by sides, engage the glutes and lift your lower back a few inches off the floor.
Bend your knees, drawing your heels toward your glutes, lifting your hips a few inches higher at the end range of motion. Reverse the movement and return to starting position. Click here to view this exercise.

4) Atomic Push-Up

Let’s finish with a bang (no gun-pun intended)! This exercise is not only a great core workout, but it also works your shoulders, chest and hip flexors. Think of it as a push-up followed immediately by a crunch. Just like your standard push-up, you can modify this exercise by performing it on your knees.

Start in a suspended plank position, shoulders over hands, feet in the TRX straps with toes pointing down. Bend your elbows to lower your upper body towards the floor and perform the downward half of a push-up. Then, press up to straighten your arms and return to suspended plank position. Once you’ve reached the top of the push-up, draw both knees in towards your chest, then extend legs fully back out to return to plank position. Repeat. Click here to view this exercise.

Now, that you’ve got some secret weapons in your TRX arsenal, get out there attack your workout!

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