5 Natural Ways to Relieve Your Bloating Symptoms

bloat relief

Bloating—an abnormal buildup of gas and swelling—is an uncomfortable experience for just about anyone. Whether you’ve just eaten something that doesn’t agree with you, took a medication that causes constipation and other side effects, or are going through hormonal changes (especially pre-menstrual ones), there are a few natural things you can do to relieve your bloating symptoms.

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5 Ways to Battle Bloating and Get Relief

1. Move Around!

bloat relief

Exercise helps with digestive “motility,” aka the movement of your bowels. The next time you’re feeling bloated or gassy, try going for a walk.

2. Eat a Banana

bloat relief

The mineral potassium—found in high concentrations in bananas, melons, asparagus, and citrus fruits—is an important dietary addition to help counteract the water-retaining effects of salt.

3. Hydrate With Water

bloat relief

Reduce water retention, flush out salt and toxins, and minimize your risk of bloating by committing to drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day (or about half your body weight in fluid ounces).

4. Cheers to Your Health—With Peppermint Tea

bloat relief

This minty, naturally caffeine-free herbal tea has long been known as a natural aid for digestion and bloat reliever, thanks to its ability to promote the natural contraction and relaxation of muscles within the intestinal wall. Perfect for a post-dinner treat, especially in lieu of pro-inflammatory sugary desserts.

5. Say No to Too Much Salt

bloat relief

Sodium? Try “no-dium.” Excessive salt in your diet can cause your body to retain fluids, exacerbating your bloating symptoms and potentially lead to issues with blood pressure, too. A simple way to cut back on salt is to minimize your consumption of processed foods and use more herbs and spices in your own home cooking.

Got any favorite tips for relieving stomach tightness and discomfort associated with bloating? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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