Get Sweaty and Sandy to Build a Strong Beach Bod


Training in the sand is a straightforward way to increase the intensity of basic training movements, sculpt muscles and develop power and speed.Choose a spot where the sand is soft and shifts under your feet. Your stabilizer muscles will be working overtime, especially if you go barefoot. This interval workout includes five moves punctuated by a running drill. While there’s an ocean in front of you to cool off in at the end, make sure to keep some drinking water by your side to help you stay hydrated throughout. And, before you know it you’ll be sculpting the beach bod you’re dreaming about.

Place your beach towel (or another visible item) on the sand. This is your “start.” Walk 20 huge strides forward and place your water bottle at that end. After each round of the exercises below sprint to the water bottle and back three times.

If you want more intensity, fill two buckets with sand and place them at your starting place. A gallon of sand weighs about 12 ½ pounds. You can pick these up when it’s time for sprints for a serious challenge.

Before you start this interval workout, warm up for 7-10 minutes with some easy jogging down by the surf.

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The Sweaty and Sandy Workout- Begin at the “Start” Marker

1. Squat Jumps.

Stand tall then squat. Use your arms to create a powerful swing as you jump. Land softly.

2. Walking Lunges.sweaty-sandy-workout

Step right foot forward and bend your 90-degrees, so your knee comes over your ankle (not your toe). Rise up and swing the left leg forward and lunge. Continue down the line to home. For an added challenge, grab a sand bucket and do a Walking Lunge with a Twist.

3. Bounding.

You’ll stay at the end mark for this one. Simply step side to side. As you get going, start making the side step longer, so you have to leap laterally.

4. Inchworm Push-ups.

Bend down and put your hands in the sand. Walk your hands forward until you are in a plank. Do a push-up. Instead of walking your hands back to your feet, hop or walk your feet toward your hands. Stand up and do Inchworm Push-ups until you reach the other side.

5. Crab Walk.

Turn-over after the Inchworms, so you’re sunnyside-up! Place your hands and feet on the ground with knees bent. Lift your bottom out of the sand. Keep your toes forward as you move in a crab walk back to start.

Once you’ve finished the five exercises above you should be at your water bottle. Take a drink, then sprint to opposite side and back three times (six lengths).

Then, dig deep and repeat the round of exercises two more times.

Sweaty. Sandy. Sensational!

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