Beginner Lifting: What To Expect When You're Expecting... Muscles



If you’re tired of your usual exercise routine, it might just be time to throw in a little spice. Why not lifting? If beginner lifting has you asking questions, researching online and studying the physique of bulky people at the gym, then it might just be the spice you’re looking for. After all, running endlessly on a treadmill can get a little tedious, no matter how much Bieber you add to your playlist.


You gotta start somewhere… here’s what to expect with beginner lifting:

Probably the hardest part of beginner lifting is just getting past the aura that surrounds the seasoned lifters in the “lifting zone”. They strut in like they were birthed under one of the benches and immediately started lifting 100lbs. But what you have to remember is everyone had a first day at some point. Even the ones who look like professionals had an awkward first day to start them off. So once you just bite the bullet and strut on in there with them, here are a few things that might happen as your weight lifting days start to add up.

Confidence Comes

Perhaps the greatest reward to a routine of lifting is the new confidence you feel surging through your veins (Oh yeah, veins. You’ll begin to notice and admire those, so get ready.) There’s something about when your muscles find their truest shape and accent your body just right that makes you feel whole, proud, and alive.

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Hangry Happens

Oh it’s real. It’s very real. As your body builds muscle, it begins to cry out for more materials to build it with, and that translates into “Feed me now!” Skipping a meal sounds about as appealing as walking the plank, and you’ll probably turn on anyone who asks you to. You might want to have some protein bars ready for those abrupt moments of hunger- just so you don’t scare off all your friends the moment hangry happens, and everyone suddenly looks like a walking chicken leg.

Fashion Fits

Get ready for sleeves to get too small and pants to get too big, as your biceps bulge and your shape gets denser and sleeker. All those outfits you’ve been eyeing will fit in ways they never have before. You’ll not only feel a new confidence in the gym but out on the streets as people comment on your toned arms and streamlined figure.

If you’re still a little intimidated by the “lifting zone”, try asking one of the lifters or a personal trainer to show you the ropes. For beginner lifting, this is the best way to de-mystify the routine and set you up to win in the wonderful world of weights! Cheers! To muscles, veins, and protein shakes!

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