The Best Foods For Your Heart

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According to the CDC, about 1 in 4 annual deaths in the US are caused by heart disease. Unfortunately, that comes out to a grand total of about 610,000 people.
Fortunately, however one of the major factors that influence your likelihood of developing heart disease is completely controllable:

The Best Foods You Should be Eating For a Healthy Heart

The food you eat.

So to celebrate your heart this Valentine’s month, be sure to give yourself (and maybe your sweetie!) some meals with the following nutritious ingredients:
– Wild caught sardines (we loved boneless, skinless, and tinned in olive oil)
– Wild caught salmon
– Liver (try it in a pâté!)
– Chia seeds
– Walnuts
– Blueberries
– Coffee
– Red wine
– Green tea
– Avocado
– Brussels sprouts
– Broccoli
– Sweet potatoes
– Olive oil
– Grapefruit

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Of course, in addition to regularly eating healthy foods, you can also help your heart by adopting other important habits, including being tobacco-free, maintaining an ideal body weight, practicing meditation and other stress management techniques, and exercising daily.

Another tip? Learn to love variety! While routine and discipline is essential for developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, be sure to switch up your grocery shopping list every now and then. Not only will it help you get more nutrients into your body, but it will also prevent you from getting bored with eating the same stuff over and over again. Be creative, learn to cook a few staple dishes, and feel free to experiment with different flavors, textures, and types of food.

Got any heart-healthy foods in your fridge right now? Let us know about them and share your favorite recipes with us in the comments below!

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