Wave Bye-Bye to Baby Weight with 6 Simple Exercises

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Momma! You rock. You’ve welcomed a new life into this world and are getting into the sync of caring for your wee little bundle of joy. But, as “momming” gets more intense, you’re also wondering if you’ll ever have the energy to melt off those extra pregnancy pounds. Don’t panic. Your core will tighten, and the weight will come off if you choose your post-partum exercises wisely. Here’s a safe, effective workout to get you started and help you wave bye-bye to baby weight.

Before you begin a post-partum workout, get clearance from your doctor. Take the exercises at your own pace. Start modestly with a few reps and build up to 10-30 reps as you get stronger. The last few exercises suggested below involve abdominal and back work. Before you zone in on the abdominal wall take the time before each workout check for diastasis recti (a separation of the abdominal muscles). Place your fingers above your navel and press gently as you contract your abdominal muscles. If the gap you feel is one or two finger widths apart, it’s likely the muscles are starting to come back together. If it is more than that, talk to your doctor before intensely working your core. If you use a stroller, you’ll find that the workout becomes more challenging as your baby grows heavier. This will provide the foundation you need for you to become the lean SuperMom you are meant to be.

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Wave Bye-Bye to Baby Weight With These 6 Exercises

1. Cardio Walking.

Walking is an excellent way to find your fit after pregnancy. You can start flat and add hills and/or distance as you grow stronger. Pushing an occupied stroller up an incline is no joke. It can be a serious cardio workout.

2. Walking Lunges.

Find a flat straightaway and do lunges. Hold onto the stroller handle and take a big step forward. Bend your front knee to a 90-degree angle. Rise, then step forward with the other foot.

3. Pliés w/ Heel Lifts.bye-bye-to-baby-weight

Stand behind the stroller with your feet wider than your shoulders. Point your toes out and lift your heels. Brace your core by tightening your abdominal muscles. Bend your knees making sure they stay over the ankles. Repeat. As you get stronger, try it wearing baby!

4. Pelvic tilts

This basic movement builds serious functional strength. Lay on your back with your knees bent, feet shoulder width apart. Contract your abdominal wall and raise your bottom off the ground. Hold for a breath. Release slowly and repeat.

5. Modified Mermaid.

Lie on your side. Bend your knees and take your elbow underneath your shoulder. Make sure your knees are aligned with your hips, not jutting out in front of you. Slowly lift your hips off the ground. Release and repeat. Do an equal number on the other side.

6. Cobra.

You can have strong abs without a strong back. Lie on your stomach. Place your palms on the ground by your shoulders. Contract your back as you peel your chest off the ground.

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