Do Group Fitness Classes Actually Work?

group fitness class

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself if group fitness classes work? While nothing feels quite as rewarding as a killer solo workout, the one thing that can beat sweating it out on your own is participating in a group class. Unlike group challenges on your favorite cutthroat reality shows, group classes at the gym can be challenging and lots of fun too. If you’re looking for a way to break out of your shell or maybe you simply want to find a few workout buddies, group workouts may be the change you need in your fitness routine.

4 Reasons to Try Group Fitness Classes

1) Find Your Motivation

Sometimes a little boost from your peers is all you need to finally lose that last 10 pounds that you’ve been carrying around. Working out with others can be inspiring and helps to keep you motivated when your workouts become more challenging. You may even find yourself emerging as a leader and someone that others look to when they need a little push to keep going!

You get to listen to music, work on your form and have others there to help push you..

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2) You’ll Learn Proper Form

If you can’t get your form down when lifting, stretching or attempting a squat, then you’re running the risk of becoming injured. Aside from hurting yourself, without proper form, you’ll never reach your #BodyGoals. With group classes that are lead by an instructor, you can learn how to find the right form for each move and have someone there to teach you how to exercise correctly.

3) You’ll Be Held Accountable

group-fitness-classesEver feel like ditching the gym for drinks with your co-workers instead? While you’re not alone in those occasional urges to run away from your workouts, if you keep that up you’ll never get the killer body of your dreams. Rest days are necessary and good for your mind too but skipping workouts will do nothing for your figure.

Luckily, group fitness classes work to help keep you accountable. If you’ve taken the time to sign up, put the class in your calendar and made a few friends in class you’re much less likely to skip it. Having a hard time making pals in class? Invite one of your friends from outside of the gym to join you so that you’ll never miss a group workout.

4) They Are Really Fun

One of the best ways to make looking like a hot mess in class more tolerable is to do it with a group of other sweaty people by your side. While they may look intimidating from the outside, group classes are a ton of fun. You get to listen to music, work on your form and have others there to help push you to have a kick butt time in class. Working out with a group is always interesting, challenging, motivating and a genuinely enjoyable way to exercise at the gym. If you’re bored with your workout routine and want to shake things up, group fitness classes work!

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