Do I Need Different Workout Shoes?

workout shoes

I believe one of the big perks behind working out on a regular basis is the need to purchase different shoes. Sure, it’s rewarding to drop some weight or gain some hard-earned muscle. But isn’t it fun to go shopping and reward yourself with new fitness gear?

I’ve known plenty of people who wear the same shoes for an entire year and manage to get by, so don’t fret if funds won’t allow you to add to your collection. But if you can budget it, your workout will thrive, and your feet will thank you!

It’s important to keep in mind that your workouts will benefit by wearing different shoes specific to your type of workout.

4 Types of Workout Shoes You Might Need

  • workout shoesWalking: If your primary workout involves walking, you could benefit by picking up a shoe that offers heel cushioning. A lot of walkers tend to heel-strike.
  • Running: When it comes to running, it’s important to find a shoe that fits your foot. This is where heading to a specialty running store and having your gait analyzed is priceless, in my opinion. They can tell you whether you need a shoe that is constructed specifically for pronation, supination or a neutral gait. If you don’t know what these terms mean, it’s even more essential to have gait analysis!
  • Cross-training: This is a category of exercise that demands different shoes. You’ll find that bulky and stiff shoes don’t respond as well as a more minimalist, flexible type of shoe, because you’re moving in a multitude of directions. You also will appreciate having a little room in the toe box portion of the shoe, as your toes will inevitably slide around during certain movements.
  • Weight lifting: For those into power lifting and Olympic lifting, a specialized lifting shoe can really amplify training. But for most of us, a good cross-training shoe will work fine in this category.

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