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Who among us doesn’t love our celebrities? We watch their movies, listen to their songs, and buy their products–from perfumes to clothing to cookware. And why wouldn’t we? For every celeb who lets fame get to their heads, there’s another one that remains humble, dedicated to their craft, and willing to put in plenty of hard work toward their goals. As far as I’m concerned, the latter is the type of celeb I want to follow on social media for some healthy, fitness inspo (aka. “inspiration”). After all, it’s interesting to get a behind-the-scenes look at the life and fitness routines of a lot of these larger-than-life personalities.

Read on to learn some of my fave celeb Instagrammers, and consider giving any one of them a follow for some awesome inspiration.

5 Celebrity “Fitness Inspo” Instagram Accounts

1) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (@therock):

For a kick-in-your-pants kind of motivation, this former wrestler and current mega-movie star is the perfect follow. The Rock is always posting funny and inspiring videos of himself in the gym, plus he’s more than willing to share posts about what he eats, what time he wakes up, and the type of movements (mostly strength training) you can catch him performing. With over 78 million Instagram followers, that’s a lot of people he’s motivating to workout daily.

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2) Kate Hudson (@katehudson):

This lovely actress offers some pure and down-to-earth vibes when it comes to getting and staying healthy. Featuring shots of her clean meals, Pilates sessions, and even athletic pole dancing lessons, Kate always has something interesting to share with her 6.5 million followers. She even shared an honest 10 days of “getting back on track” mini-series on her Insta at the beginning of the year! She’s also one of the leaders of the innovative lifestyle and activewear brand Fabletics (@fabletics) which you can catch her wearing in almost every post.

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3) Lea Michele (@leamichele):

Gorgeous voice, gorgeous mindset, gorgeous health! This Broadway star and actress has cared about health and fitness her whole life, and her incredibly lean body is proof of that. She’s particularly fond of hiking and spin classes and shares plenty of shots from group training classes with some of her fave personal trainers. Join 4.4 million followers and revel in her beauty.

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4) Brooke Burke (@brookeburke):

This model-turned-television host is a self-proclaimed “fitness enthusiast” and foodie who has taken hundreds of snaps documenting her healthy salads, smoothies, and decadent appetizers and meals. She’s also a fan of the #noexcuses hashtag and shares stories of herself and other busy moms finding times to workout despite how packed their schedule is!

5) Conor McGregor (@thenotoriousmma):

Ok, the above women are strong and bad-ass, and The Rock, well–no one can deny how tough he is. But this MMA star from Ireland is super tough, and he’s beginning to transcend his sport and make a big name for himself in the motivational business. Even if you’re not into martial arts, you can definitely appreciate how hard this guy trains to achieve his exceptional level of strength and skill. He may be a little cocky, but in a weird way, I think it kinda suits him and adds to his inspirational power–and apparently 10.8 million other followers agree.

Have a favorite celebrity that you follow on Instagram? What about any other fitness inspo accounts? Let us know about them in the comments!

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