4 Simple Fundraisers You Can Organize Quickly to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

fundraiser cancer awareness

Pink is popping up everywhere this month. Maybe you want to go a step further and do more than wearing a ribbon to support Breast Cancer Awareness this October. Why not pull together your own fundraiser? While 5k races and ballroom galas raise a good deal of money, they also take a ton of preparation. There are many other ways to fundraise you can do right now while the pink tide is at its yearly peak.

Before you settle on a fundraiser, you might want to consider whether or not the focus of the event meshes with the efforts of the organization you support. In other words, it might not make sense to raise money for an environmental effort by releasing hundreds of balloons that threaten wildlife! When it comes to Breast Cancer fundraisers, you might want to think about what might generate cash without contributing to things that knowingly cause cancer. In addition, it literally pays-off to seek inclusiveness when it comes to small-scale events. Breast cancer knows no bounds. Let your fundraiser be welcoming to all who want to give.

Here Are 4 Fundraisers You Can Organize Right Away:

1) Bingo Night

Bingo can be played just about anywhere by anyone. But, remember, everyone likes to win! Playing cards are reasonably priced and easy to find. Use crayons to mark cards. The hard part will be gathering lots of prizes and letting people know where to meet. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be fun. Think pink and find some loot that reflects the theme. (Kids love bubblegum ropes.) Ask individuals and businesses to donate a few big prizes (adults go gaga over gift certificates) and lots of small ones so lots of folks get to feel the excitement. Ask for an entry fee.

2) 50/50 Rafflecancer fundraiser awareness

Drape yourself in head-to-toe pink and get your hands on a huge roll or two of raffle tickets. Be ready to work the crowd at any event that lets you in. People pay for a raffle ticket or a stretch of tickets. The fundraiser gets half of the dough, the other half goes to the winner of the drawing.

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3) Countertop Donationsfundraiser awareness cancer

Get creative and make a themed container that reflects the spirit of your fundraiser. Ask a few businesses to host a container at the counter near the cash register. You’ll be surprised how loose change can add up. Think coffee shops, ice cream counters or any other place where people might pay in cash.

4) Work It!

Ask if you can sponsor a Jeans Day at work. Employees pay a fee to wear blue jeans to work on a specific day. Auction off a couple of prime parking spots for the month.

Whether your fundraiser generates a little or alot, keep in mind that all efforts are appreciated. Every little bit helps when it comes to supporting individuals dealing with cancer and aiding the efforts to find a cure.


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