Gear Up for 2017 with The Latest Fitness Technology

latest fitness tracking technology

Are you keen on tracking your health and fitness goals, but hate writing things down? Do you wish someone else, or something else, could just do it for you?

Are you someone who likes to stay ahead of the curve? Fitness technology has come a long way since the first wearable heart rate monitors appeared on the scene. Breakthrough gadgets, like the ones seen in your favorite Sci-Fi shows, are now available for public use and they can do a lot more than just monitor your heartbeat.

Let’s take a look at the latest fitness technology available on the market today, promising to help reach your goals in 2017.

Fitbit Flex 2

Recently, Fitbit has made remarkable improvements to their wearable products, one of them being the Fitbit Flex 2. This wristband device features the ability to track:latest fitness tracking technology

  • Steps taken
  • Calories burned
  • Distance travelled
  • Time spent both active and sedentary
  • Sleep
  • Swimming performance

The Fitbit Flex 2 also has a LED display that notifies you of incoming calls or texts during your workout. You’ll never be accused of a fashion crime again, as the digital Fitbit tracker can be removed from its original wristband and fitted into other Fitbit accessories like bangles and pendants.

Muse HeadBand

latest fitness tracking technologyFitness technology isn’t just about tracking physical performance. Products like the Muse Headband allow you to monitor your mental activity and guide your meditation practice.

During meditation, the headband tracks your brain waves to provide real-time audio feedback on your mental activity. Each session is recorded and synced in an app allowing you to view your daily progress in an easy to read format.


If bands and headsets aren’t your things, check out Hexoskin’s smart biometric shirts and vests. Hexoskin monitors and records your:latest fitness tracking technology

  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Sleep
  • Activity Intensity
  • Breathing Rate & Volume

This smart clothing is available in both men’s and women’s sizes and like other fitness tracking technology, the raw data is sent to a handy app where you can view all of your recorded information. These shirts are made from a quick dry, breathable anti-odour material safe for washing machines and, more importantly, safe on your body.

The Health Box by Under Armour

The team at Under Armour aim to provide you with the complete package in their Health Box. The package includes:

  • The wearable UA Band: Tracking your activity, sleep and resting heart rate on its easy to read mini display.latest fitness tracking technology
  • The UA Scale: to measure your body weight, body fat percentage, and your progress.
  • The UA Heart Rate: A chest strap for wear during your workouts that accurately measures your heart rate in real-time.
  • The UA Record: This is the dashboard where you can view all of your information and progress, which has been synched from each of the Health Box devices. This app provides suggestions for your next workout based on your records and performance to date and is truly the smart fitness technology of the future.


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