Our 5 Favorite Healthy Snack Brands

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In a perfect world, we’d always have time to chop up some veggies, pack up some nuts, and hard boil some eggs for some healthy and tasty snacks around the home or on the go.
But let’s be real: our schedules aren’t always ideal…and fortunately, they don’t have to be! For some super healthy grab-and-go snack options, check out these 5 fan favorites below.

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5 Healthy Snack Brands You Have to Try!

1) DNX Bar

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This company has relied on a team effort of “entrepreneurs, nutritionists, organic chefs, and culinary artisans” to create delicious, high-quality nutrition bars that are as enjoyable to eat as they are convenient. With a focus on “Daily Nutrition, Excellent Taste“, this brand offers nutrient-dense bars packed with organic ingredients from around the world (including grass-fed beef and bison) while steering clear of any artificial preservatives. These bars fit perfectly into any balanced diet and active lifestyle. Try as a post-workout snack or meal replacement.

You can buy their bars by the box on their website, with bestselling flavors like Sweet Potato Pecan, Dark Cacao Cherry Coconut, and Mexican or Jamaican style.

2) KIND Bar

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We love this brand because they stick to their pledge of using ingredients “you can see and pronounce.” While a bit more decadent and sweet in flavor compared to some other health bar brands, KIND products (which range from protein bars to granola) are still full of good-for-you ingredients like nuts, fruits, and whole grains like oat, millet, and buckwheat.

Try their energizing Breakfast Bars or top their Healthy Grain Clusters over yogurt or nut milk.

3) RX Bar

Here’s a general rule of thumb when it comes to pre-packaged foods: The shorter the ingredients list, the better.
RX Bars are “whole food protein bars” made with things you probably have in your own kitchen, including spices, egg whites, almonds, and dates. But thanks to some deliciously crafted recipes, RX Bars are a tasty on-the-go nutrition choice sure to satisfy any personal preference. Try a sample pack or some of their new seasonal favorites like Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice.

4) Skinny Pop

Everyone’s favorite snack food just got better! Skinny Pop (available in major grocery stores) uses non-GMO corn and is completely free of preservatives, chemicals, and other artificial ingredients. Naturally, gluten and trans-fat free, Skinny Pop products come in a wide variety of low-calorie snack foods. Perfect for guilt-free movie marathons!

Try their new Sweet Cinnamon Popcorn Puffs or go with their classic Popped Popcorn, available in 8 delicious flavors (like Jalapeño and Sea Salt & Pepper).

5) Epic

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Grass-fed. Paleo. Gluten-free. This popular health food brand proudly declares themselves makers of the “world’s first jerky without added honey, maple syrup, juice, or added sugars.” They source high-quality animal protein from bison, beef, chicken, salmon, and even bacon and venison. In addition to their delicious jerky, the EPIC company also makes pork skins, bone broths, and animal oils, the perfect choice for the low-carb among us.

Have a favorite health food brand of your own? Give ’em a shout-out in the comments!

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