Helpful Tips to Consider When Buying Exercise Clothes

buying exercise clothes


If you’re working out on a regular basis, or even if you’re a weekend warrior, you’ll inevitably have to purchase gym clothes. This process can be tricky or dreadful for many. But for others, like me, buying exercise clothes is one of the best perks of having a steady workout routine!

Helpful Tips to Consider When Buying Exercise Clothes:

As someone who has done a lot of shopping for gym clothes, I’ve gathered some helpful tips to use as you navigate the aisles of athletic wear. Here are my top recommendations:

  • Avoid cotton: This tip is particularly helpful if you plan on sweating or moving a lot in the gym. Cotton takes longer to dry, loses shape as it gets wet, and can feel really uncomfortable as you perspire. I’d suggest looking for performance blends that are specifically designed to dry quickly and move with you throughout your workout.

“You deserve to have clothes that are comfortable, fit properly and help you perform each day..”

  • Test the stretch: Move around in the gym clothes you’re thinking about buying. You may think a pair of pants or shirt fits when looking in the dressing room mirror, but you might realize otherwise after doing a few squats or jogging in place for a couple of seconds. If you have room, do a couple of moves typical of your workout to see how comfortable or fitted the clothing is.
  • Check the thickness: Hey ladies, listen up! Many tights, capris and yoga pants are made of thin material that is see-through, especially if you bend over. Check the thickness and coverage to avoid this embarrassment!
  • Pick staples: While I’m all for grabbing the latest trend or flashy leggings, it has been cost-effective to purchase staples. Spend your money on pieces you can wear and match for multiple workouts, or even turn into an outfit post-workout when going out on the town!

Purchasing gym clothes can be a rewarding experience when you follow these helpful tips and use your money wisely. You deserve to have clothes that are comfortable, fit properly and help you perform each day! It’ll make you feel better and make it easier to follow a healthy lifestyle.

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