Hot Exercise Accessories and Trends of 2016!


There are some pretty exciting exercise accessories and gadget trends for 2016. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest and craziest fitness trends so check it out.

Here Are The Hottest Exercise Accessories of 2016:

NikeLab x RT

OK, this might not necessarily make your workout better or more efficient, but you sure will look great! Nike has joined forces with Givenchy (actually Riccardo Tisci, Creative Director for Givenchy) to create two stunning collections for workout wear. NikeLab x RT are high fashion, high performance wear that are almost too pretty for the gym (too handsome for the guys). They incorporate Flyknit and Dri-FIT, two Nike technologies for optimal performance with the flash and flair of the fashion giant. The result? Nothing sort of fabulous.


Bose SoundTrue II Headphones

Bose has some of the best headphones on the market and the SoundTrue II Headphones do not disappoint. It is lightweight and flexible so it can go where you go. The full coverage ear cups are padded with memory foam and the headband has a soft cushion for ultimate comfort. The headphones have a remote for volume control on certain Apple devices (it is compatible with a wide range of iPod devices). It comes with a 66-inch microphone cable and a convenient storage case. What a great way to crank up your workout!


Fitness Skirts

Skirts aren’t just for the tennis court or golf course anymore! Fitness skirts are the new rage and they are finding their way into gyms, marathons, and even swim workouts. Whether you want more modest fitness wear or you just want super cute workout wear, these fun skirts come in a wide range of colors, styles, and lengths. Pair them with tights or go bare-legged with shorts underneath, now you can go ultra-feminine and still keep all your parts covered.

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Tanagram Smart Jump Rope

Track your fitness, set goals, and compete with your friends when you sync with this innovative fitness device (that is so much more than a jump rope) with the Smart Gym app. The Tangram Smart Jump Rope displays the stats for your workout while you work out. Everything is in front of you so you can make adjustments as needed and it charges in 2 short hours via a micro USB port.


HyperAdapt 1.0


Marty McFly had a pair, now you can too. Nike is releasing the first self-lacing shoes in the holiday season of 2016. HyperAdapt 1.0/a> has a sensor in the heel so when you step into it the system is activated to automatically tighten according to your own foot shape and size. You have to be a Nike+ member to get in on this amazing technology, but the company promises more innovative fitness gadgets coming down the pike.


Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

If you are a fan of the SyFy Channel, then you are going to love this. Muse is a “personal meditation assistant.” Put on your earbuds, put on your Muse headband, start the Muse app, and begin your meditation. The headband will detect when your mind wanders and it will adjust the sounds from the app to guide you back to your meditation. You can set goals and review the data from your meditation sessions. It helps you meditate better. Hmmm.


What are your favorite fitness trends for 2016? Share them in the comments below!

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