How To Prepare for Your First Bikini Competition

first bikini competition


Just like deciding to run your first marathon, the ambition to step on stage to compete in your first bikini competition is significant. Many view being judged by strangers in a rather subjective manner and having your body evaluated by certain standards as insane.


But if you to compete in a bikini competition, or even a figure or bodybuilding competition, it’s completely your decision and entirely up to you. If this is your goal, consider these helpful tips from someone who has done a handful of shows and helped several people make it on stage as well.

Ways to Prepare for your First Bikini Competition

  • Evaluate your reason or “why”: It’s crucial to understand why you want to do a bikini competition. If you want to be on stage to increase your social media following, I’d suggest thinking twice about your goal. I can’t tell you the right reason to compete, but if you’re competing to try to influence another’s perception of you, you could be setting yourself up for a major disaster. Better to compete to challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself, to create a healthier body and to accomplish a goal that leaves you proud…of yourself.
  • Do your homework: Everyone’s path to their first bikini competition is different. Don’t get caught up in following fellow competitors and how they were able to get up on stage. It’ll create a major physical and mental obstacle. Instead I’d encourage you to research the fundamentals of how to get ready for a show in the safest manner possible, right from the start.
  • Ask for help: I believe that preparing for your first bikini competition is one of the most mentally challenging processes you’ll ever take part in. And it’s sometimes a lonely experience. But don’t do it alone if at all possible. Hire a coach or trainer who has been there before and has the ability to help you lessen the burden. Join a team too if possible, and be a part of a community of women who share similar goals.
  • Remember that it’s just one day: As someone who has experienced the highs and lows of fitness competitions, I hope you know that this is just one day of your life. The entire process is grueling at times and can seem insurmountable. But the stage is only a few moments of your whole life and can be entirely out of your hands at the time of judging. You can’t let the results of the show define your worth or your months of hard work. Remember that you’re in an elite crowd that many wouldn’t even dare to try to join in their lifetime. Be proud of where you started and how much you’ve accomplished!

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