Leap Into Plyometrics With This Quick 20-Minute Workout

plyometric exercise

If you’ve already established a solid fitness foundation, try jumping into a plyometric workout! Plyometrics are explosive movements that involve dynamic strength, balance, and control. Done correctly, plyometrics can help you build agility and develop a quick response. In addition, the interval nature of a plyo workout will help you build the stamina and leg strength you need to take things to the next level on or off of a playing field.

Before You Literally Leap Into the Workout Below, There are a Few Things to Keep in Mind:

1) The Take-Off is as Important as the Landing, or Deceleration Phase, of Each Jumping Exercise.

When you land, you’re asking your joints to absorb the entire weight of your body upon impact. It’s essential to pay attention and master each phase of a given exercise. Concentrate throughout!

2) Always Do an Adequate Warm-Up to Ready the Muscles, Heart, and Joints Before Doing Plyometric Work.

The warm-up to the workout presented below includes “rehearsal” moves that are low-impact, align the joints and will ready your muscles for the jumping to come.

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3) While the Playing Surface of Your Favorite Sports Might be Concrete, Remember Your Workout is Preparing You for Play.

Your best bet for joint safety is to perform plyometrics on a suspended wood floor, a cushioned floor, grass, a non-slip thin mat or the like.

4) You’ll Reap the Most Benefit From Plyometric Movements if You Perform the Exercises Just Once or Twice a Week.

Do it. But don’t overdo it!

Ready? Here’s a 20-minute Plyometric Workout to get you going:

The Warm-up.
Perform each of the four following movements for 1 minute. Do two rounds of the warm-up set.

Step Touch. Simply step side-to-side.

plyometrics exerciseSquats. Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees while keeping your knees over your ankles.

Walking Lunges. Step right foot forward, then bend your right knee, so you drop into a lunge. Step forward with the left. Lunge. Repeat.

Jumping Jacks.

The Workout.
Perform 10 repetitions of each plyometric exercise. Rest 30 seconds between each set. After you’ve completed one round of all five exercises, try to do another round or two!

Power Lunge. Start with your right foot forward. Drop into a lunge like you did in the warm-up, but when you come up, spring up. Do ten on the right foot, then 10 on the left.

Power Lunge Switchers. Start with your right foot forward. Drop into a lunge and spring up. When you spring up, switch your feet in the air.

Speed Skaters. Do the Step Touch like you did in the warm-up, but start leaping side-to-side.

Squat Jump. Squat like you did in the warm-up. Swing your arms as you jump straight up. Land softly.

Plyo Box Jump. Squat in front of a plyo box. Swing your arms as you jump onto the box with soft knees. Step off the box.

Make sure to stretch thighs and calves when done!

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