Your Complete Guide to a Kick-Butt Stairs Workout

stairs workout

It’s time to go outside and play! Doing your workout outdoors is such a good idea for many reasons. You’ll get fresh air, sunshine (vitamin D), and have plenty of room to move around. Put on your sneakers and your workout clothes, turn on some good tunes, and get pumped up! This stairs workout is going to kick your butt.

Your Hardcore Outdoor Stairs Workout

Step One: Find the Right Set of Stairs

Just about any set of steps will do for this stairs workout, just be sure you have room to move around a bit and that the surface of the stairs are safe, non-slip, and dry before you begin. You don’t want to jump on some old rickety set, though, so give them a try and check for safety before you start your workout.

Step Two: Let the Buttkicking Commence!

This workout is going to work every muscle in your body, from your arms all the way to your toes. It’s a great way to firm up and blast some calories. You’ll never take the elevator again. Go at your own pace and do the best you can. Get ready, let’s go!

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Warm-up 3-5 Minutes

Walk up and down the stairs briskly for this time while moving your arms in a running motion.

stairs workout

Split Jumps//Photo by

Exercise 1: Split Jumps

Start at the bottom and place your right foot on the first step, push off with the ball of your foot to jump straight upward, switch feet in mid air and land softly on the opposite foot. Repeat for 12 reps, then rest and repeat 1 more time.

Exercise 2: Inclined Mountain Climbers

Set up in the middle of the staircase and place both hands on a step and just below, place both feet on a lower step. Perform mountain climbers by stepping up to the next step with one foot and then back down, then repeat on the opposite leg for a total of 1 minute.

Exercise 3: Plyo Push-ups

Get into pushup position with both hands on the second step. Tighten the core and lower yourself down to where your chest almost touches the step, immediately explode up by pushing with the hands till they pop off the steps. Land softly, go into another pushup and repeat for a total of 10 reps, then rest and repeat 1 more time.

Exercise 4: Side Steps
Stairs workout

Side Steps// Photo by

Stand at the bottom of the staircase and bring your right foot next to the stair so that your right side is facing the stairs. Step up with the right foot first, then bring the left foot up to meet it. So it would go like this: Right, together, right together, and so on as you climb the entire staircase. Repeat on the opposite side.

Exercise 5: Calf Raise Jumps

Place only the balls of your feet on the bottom step, dip the heels down toward the ground until you feel a good stretch in the calves, then explode upwards by pushing off with the toes and bringing your feet off the step, then land softly and repeat for 15 reps, then rest and repeat 1 more time.

Exercise 6: Stair Sprints
stairs workouts

Sprints// Photo by

Run as fast as you can to the top of the stairs, swing your arms, and bring the knees up high as you are running. Once you reach the top of the stairs, walk down slowly and repeat 2 more times.

Exercise 7: Stair-Step Plank

With your toes on the bottom step, reach your arms up the stairs and place them on the edge of a step that’s closest to your chest. Keep your abs tight and back straight. With your hands, step up to the next step one hand at a time and back to the original step one hand at a time. Repeat this process for 1 minute.

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