Get Outta Here! Challenge Yourself with an Outdoor Workout


An outdoor workout can be more than just a run, walk or bike ride. With a little creativity, you can craft a killer workout anywhere. Exercising outdoors can prepare you to attack obstacle course events, help you acclimate to outdoor temps for upcoming races or take your training to new levels.

Grab a set of gym gloves and GO! Here’s a challenging strength workout to get you started in your backyard, neighborhood or a park. Add running sprints between the moves to make it an intense interval workout if you choose!

Try These 9 Outdoor Workout Exercises

Summon Your Inner Primate! Grab the Monkey Bars or a Tree Branch

1) Chin-ups

Hang on the bar/tree branch with an underhand grip. Without swinging, keep your core tight, contract your biceps and do a chin-up. Hover a few seconds above the bar then slowly return to start. Take a break and try again!

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2) Pull-ups

Hang on the bar/branch with an overhand grip. Contract your back and shoulder muscles as you try to pull-up. These are tough! Take your time and see what you can do.

3) Toes to Bar

Hang on the bar/branch with an overhand grip. Start by contracting your shoulders, back and abs. Initiate a slight swinging movement. Staying in control, start tucking legs up toward your chest. As you get stronger, extend your legs straight and aim for toes to the bar. Don’t sweat any certain number of reps. Focus on form and do what you can!

Kick It to the Curb (or Beam)!

4) Beam Walks

Walk forward, backward and sideways on the beam/curb.

5) Ankle Dips

Stand with one foot on the beam/curb and bend the knee of you base leg slightly. Your free foot should dangle off the side of the beam/curb as you dip down and up.(30 each leg)

6) Lunges

Face away from the beam/curb. Place the ball of one foot up on the beam/curb. Take the other foot far enough forward so that when you drop into a lunge, your front knees is at a 90-degree angle with your knee over your ankle. (30 each leg)

Snag a Seat, but Don’t Sit Down. You’ve Got Park Bench Moves to Do!

7) Tricep Dips


Place hands on the bench with fingertips facing your body, feet out in front of you. Dip by bending your elbows to a 90-degree angle. Slowly straighten arms to return to the start position. (30 reps)

8) Feet-Up Push-ups

Place hands on the ground, feet on the bench. Walk your hands out in until you are in a plank. Bend your elbows, lowering your body towards the ground. Try the push-up with one leg lifted for more of a challenge.(30 reps)

9) Calf-raises

Place your hands on the back of the bench. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and rise up into a calf raise. Slowly release (30 reps). Isolate each leg (20 reps each).

Once you’re done, stretch and look around. What else can you incorporate in your future outdoor adventures? The sky above is the limit!

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