The 4 Secret Saboteurs of the "No Sugar" Diet

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You’ve cut high fructose corn syrup out of your diet, you’ve checked labels like a fiend for anything that even looks like artificial flavoring, Now you’re starting to feeling pretty good about yourself. These are great steps to take, and after a couple of weeks, you’re sure to experience a difference in your health and energy levels. Slow down. Just cutting out corn syrup and dessert might not be rescuing you from sugar as much as you thought. If you really want a no sugar diet, here are a few “healthy” foods that are probably loading you up with more sugar than you thought.

4 Foods That Are Destroying Your “No Sugar” Diet:

1) Yogurt

Yogurt is advertised for the health benefits of calcium and probiotics (in some types.) But what marketing doesn’t mention are the large amounts of sugar added to any flavored yogurt you pick up. Pretty much any berry or fruit tasting yogurt will have enough sugar added to counteract any health benefits you’d be receiving from it. Some brands have the equivalent of 7 teaspoons of sugar added!

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2) Salad Dressing


Salad! The healthiest lunch option there is, right? Not if you load it with sugar-sauce, or should we say… dressing. Many dressings are loaded with sugar, so don’t let the appeal of the leafy greens stop you from checking the dressing and opting for the no-sugar options.

3) Granola Bars

Marketed as the healthy snack on-the-go, granola bars, and energy bars can be huge sugar carriers. Before you load up your cart with your favorite bars, check the labels for how much sugar each one will give you. On the flip side, some bars may have high sugar, but from good sources like real fruit that has been used, but you should still be aware of the type of sugar and amount of sugar each one is lending to your diet.

4) Fruit Juices

Natural sugar from fruit is definitely a better way to go, but the truth is, it’s still sugar. While natural sugar isn’t bad in itself, large doses can still be unhealthy. Because of the juicing fad that is gaining speed, many people don’t realize the amount of sugar they’re quickly drinking in one sitting. While eating one orange is a decent dose of natural sugar, most juices have at least 4 fruits per bottle, and upwards of 40grams of sugar per serving. If you’re serious about a no sugar diet, you might want to veer more towards vegetable juices for the time being.

But Don’t Worry, Sweet Thing…

Don’t get disgruntled, there are plenty of great foods that are naturally low in sugar. There are just as many creative ways to make things like plain yogurt taste better it may just take a little extra time and planning. Your health depends on being knowledgeable and dedicated to putting the right stuff in your body. Five years down the road when you’re still feeling great and on the beach instead of at a doctor’s office, you’ll be happy you did.

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