Those Pink Handweights Rock: Workout Circuit With 2-3 Pound Weights

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If Tinkerbelle used hand weights, which ones would she choose? Maybe those pink 2-3 pounders you’ve heckled at the gym? Well, yeah, because Tink’s no fool. A workout circuit using light weights can help you zone in on aspects of fitness you might be missing if you constantly head to the heavy stuff, sit on machines or forego weights for cardio. A light weight workout circuit allows you to build foundational strength. Focus on form, function, coordination and full-range-of-motion.

Here’s a workout circuit that uses light weights and a step platform:

Hint: pick up the pink like Tink! Focus on initiating movements with your muscles, not momentum. 

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Ready to rumble like a Disney fairy in a snit? Great!

First things first, though…

The warm-up, of course!

  • Stand behind your step, weights in hand, and march in place for 30 steps while gently swinging the arms.
  • Start tapping your toes on the step while rolling your shoulders 30 times.
  • Next, do 30 heel digs while shrugging.
  • Perform the March, Tap, Dig cycle three times.

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The Workout Circuit:

If you don’t want to use the platform, all movements can be done on the floor. Add the weighted arm movements when you feel comfortable. Stop the arm movements when you feel fatigued. Perform each of the movements for one minute.

1) Step-Up with Bicep Curl:

  • Step up and down on the step, alternating feet.
  • Keep your arms by your side and your elbows snug against your waist.
  • As you step up, bend your elbows and bring your hands toward your chest in a bicep curl.
  • Straighten your arms with control as you step down.

2) Alternating Knee Lift with Shoulder Press:

  • Place your hands by your shoulders, palms facing forward.
  • Step right foot on the step, lift your left knee.
  • Step down. Step left foot up. Lift your right knee.
  • As you lift each knee, straighten your arms toward the ceiling.

3) Squat-Side Leg Lift with Lateral Raise:

  • Stand with one foot on the step, one foot on the ground. Squat.
  • As you rise out of the squat, lift the foot that’s on the ground into a side-leg lift
  • Extend both arms to shoulder height like a buff T-belle would open her wings.

4) Front Leg Lift with Forward Raise:

  • Alternate feet as you step with one foot onto the platform and lift the other leg forward.
  • As you lift your leg, raise both arms forward to shoulder height.
  • Bring your arms back down to your sides as you step off the step.

5) Over-the-Top with Tricep Press:

  • Clasp your hands/weights together overhead so your arms are right next to your ears.
  • Step up onto the platform from the side. Step off the other side. Go back the other way.
  • As you step up bend your elbows, so your clasped hands/weights drop behind your head.
  • Extend your arms up when you step down.

Done? Great! Now repeat the entire workout circuit a couple more times so you can kick Tinkerbelle’s sprightly little butt!

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