Train Like An Athlete For Stronger Glutes



I’ve said it a million times: Butts are in! If I polled 100 women on the street asking them whether they want a better butt, I bet 100 percent would say “yes.” And I’m sure this percentage would be similar if I polled the same number of men! So what’s the key to building stronger glutes? It’s time to start training like an athlete. Let’s dive in further to explore this concept and help you mimic the training of an athlete.

Train Like An Athlete For Stronger Glutes:

Look at the sprinters

Have you seen the body of a sprinter on television or at a major track and field competition? It’s highly probable that they had an amazing butt! The same goes for athletes involved in high-intensity, power-based activity (i.e. CrossFit, Olympic lifting, football, basketball, soccer). These athletes repeatedly perform explosive jumping, sprinting, lifting and bounding. So if you want to get a better butt, it’s time to start integrating some of their movements into your program. Wouldn’t you agree?

Key athlete exercises

One of the major reasons athletes have enviable glutes is that they incorporate exercises that build muscle throughout their glutes and hamstrings. Here are a few key exercises you should start adding to your weekly routine just as an athlete would (these movements help activate the glutes more than other traditional leg exercises):

  • Glute bridges
  • Deep squats
  • Step ups
  • Stair sprints
  • Pistols
  • Reverse lunges
  • Deadlifts
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Good mornings
  • Olympic lifting

Go fast and climb!

Another way to train like an athlete and get stronger glutes is to start sprinting. If you need a lower impact exercise, you can opt for hill sprints, which actually are easier on the joints than sprinting on flat surfaces. Hill sprints also activate more muscles, which results in greater growth in the derrière. You can add sled pushes and sprints on a spin bike, too, to help improve your backside and spare your joints from unnecessary impact. And don’t forget about running stairs! It’s important for maximum glute activation to add incline and climbing movements into your sprint sessions.

In conclusion

Athletes usually have really strong backsides. So instead of envying their physique, why not thank them for the inspiration and mimic what they’re doing? I think you’ll be impressed with how training like an athlete can change not only your backside but your entire body. Get ready for your best body yet! Just remember that increasing your intensity requires proper nutrition, rest and mobility work. Athletes can’t go 100 percent without incorporating some self-care and recovery time into their routines, or they would break down. Add time to warm up, cool down and improve your movement and flexibility if you’re going to start training like these athletes. This also will help you accomplish your goal of getting a better butt because you’ll be giving your body time to recover and rebuild from the breakdown.


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