What is Your Ideal Weight?

ideal weight


Every person’s ideal weight is unique to them. Although a person’s height is the general guideline, other factors also come into play including, age, gender, metabolism and level of activity. Because of their physical makeup women are more likely to carry additional body fat, especially in the stomach and hips. Every height has a pre-determined range for body weight. For example, a person who is 5’7″ would have an ideal body weight of between 130 and 160 pounds depending on the medical source you use. Not everyone who is that height will fall snugly within that range. Some may be heavier, while others may be lighter. It will all depend on their physical and genetic make up.


3 Ways to Determine Your Ideal Weight

Different Body Types

There are several different body types. Some people are long and lean with very little body fat, while others have a fuller, more proportionate figure. Runners are often extremely thin. Their muscles are very lean because little fat is allowed to build up within the tissue. Weightlifters and other athletes tend to be more muscular. While they have very little body fat, their muscles are fuller and heavier because they are built for strength more so than endurance. Individuals who live a sedentary lifestyle may have less muscle tone than someone who works out every day, but still may fall within their ideal weight range. Each person is different when it comes to level of activity and metabolism and this will have a big impact on whether or not they achieve what is considered to be a perfect weight.

What Is The Intended Goal?

When creating a workout program, you need to determine what your intended goal is. Is it to lose weight and keep it off or is it increase stamina and strength? Once you know what you want, you can determine your ideal weight and then find ways to reach it. You will also want to make plans on how best to manage your weight once you reach your goal. Managing your weight with proper diet and exercise is essential to long term success. Always remember that once you achieve your ideal weight, you will have to work within your body’s parameters to maintain it. Build lifestyle habits as you go and they will become second nature and help you to maintain lifelong habits.

Too Much Or Too Little?

People who have eating disorders often have trouble gaining or losing weight. In some cases, their perfect weight is one which supports a healthy body. Gaining weight for some may be extremely difficult causing unnecessary stress on both the heart and the mind. The same is true for those who are overweight. Do what is possible, but eliminate the stress and worry. If weight loss is possible and the ideal conditions are present, it will happen. In these cases, working with a physician or other medical professional may save a person’s life.

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