Why the Thigh Gap Trend is a Complete Joke

Thigh Gap

With social media seemingly taking over the world, it’s hard to deny that some trends are much more lame than others. While it may be fun to hop on the bandwagon for cool apps, makeup brands, and even the occasional fitness craze, certain trends can pose a real danger to your health. For many women and young girls, achieving a thigh gap is the ultimate #bodygoal. And while some body types are more likely to have a slight gap between the thighs naturally, most people cannot achieve this look without the possibility of causing serious damage to their health.

The Dangers of Working Towards a Thigh Gap

What is All the Fuss About?

Open up your favorite social media app, hop on Tumblr or simply open a magazine and you’ll see plenty of images that show women with a space between their inner thighs as they stand up straight and touch their knees.

For some women, their natural body type lends to a thigh gap that doesn’t require any work. But for others, the pursuit of that tiny gap can lead to some disturbing behavior. In addition to some people naturally possessing a gap between their inner thighs, many images online are often photoshopped or show the models posed in awkward positions in order to appear thinner.

This can often lead impressionable women on a journey towards attaining a look that is in many ways completely artificial.

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Workout to Become Strong Not Skinny

For many women who start down the path towards a larger gap between their thighs, extreme dieting is often on the horizon. According to health experts, this —along with other factors— may eventually lead some women to suffer from eating disorders. Along with peer pressure and a desire to fit in, adolescent girls and young women are much more likely to fall victim to this unhealthy trend.

“..start listening to your body and keep it healthy with a proper diet and regular exercise”

Learn to Love Your Fit Body

In the social media world, skinny does not mean muscular and fit. As you begin to train harder at the gym, you should start to build stronger muscles that just might make your thighs touch. This is something that you should be proud of because that means you’re doing something right! Just take a look at your favorite athletes and you’ll see that not a single one of them has a ton of room between their inner thighs.

Resulting to drastic and unsafe measures to look better on social media is never a good idea. Having a space between your thighs doesn’t really have anything to do with your fitness level, so stop stressing over this tired trend! When you start listening to your body and keep it healthy with a proper diet and regular exercise, you’ll learn to love your big, strong muscles.

Declare the end of this ridiculous trend and take control of your fitness journey by embracing a new hashtag, #StrongNotSkinny and get your booty to the gym!


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