Women's Fitness: Will Lifting Weights Make You Bulky?

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Since the days of Hercules, lifting weights has left humans in awe and challenged them towards greatness. (Wait a second, was Hercules human? And did he even need to lift weights? Hmm..) Whatever the draw may be for you, there are many benefits, both emotional and physical, to lifting weights. Many people who start lifting find a dramatic increase in confidence, as well as a greater enthusiasm to get into the gym day after day. But for some, there are alleged effects of lifting weights that may cause concern.


The Benefits of Lifting Without the Bulk

If you’ve seen any muscle magazine maybe you’re just a little hesitant to start lifting for fear you’ll bubble up into a walking WWE wrestler that doesn’t quite fit into their unitard. So does lifting weights automatically mean you’ll bulk up like the Hulk? Here are a couple of things to keep in mind if you love lifting but don’t want to get too bulky.

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Know Your Body

The truth of the matter is, everyone’s body is different. Women automatically have less testosterone than men. Therefore they will not (usually) bulk up nearly as fast as a man will. But there are also different body types to consider. Some people have slender frames and don’t retain muscle contour very easily, and others were born with athletic frames and keep their definition without much effort at all. Once you identify your body type, you’ll have a better idea whether you’ll be more likely to bulk up quickly, or be able to throw this concern to the wind.

Try to increase your weight by only a small amount, and only every few weeks or so, and keep cardio as part of your fitness routine.

Keep a Slow Steady Pace

If you don’t want to bulk up, then choose a slower pace. Those who jump to heavier weights day after day will likely bulk up faster than those who increase their weight more gradually. Try to increase your weight by only a small amount, and only every few weeks or so, and keep cardio as part of your fitness routine. You’ll get the benefits and enjoyment of weightlifting without the creepy steroid look.

Monitor Your Menu

You’ll get that bulky look much faster if you don’t monitor your diet along with your workout. No matter what you do with the weights, you’ll look bulky if you’re not burning fat at the same time as building muscle. No way around it.

You can do it

Lifting weights is a great way to get toned and enjoy your gym experience and community in a new way. If you’re looking to maintain a nice sleek figure and avoid overly noticeable muscle bulges, all it takes is knowing your body type, monitoring your diet, and staying away from the ego heads who’ll try to challenge you to lift more than you want to. Simple as that.

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