Your Wheel, Your Ride! Give Indoor Cycling Classes a Try!...

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Indoor cycling classes have been featured on several sitcoms. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia showed Dee and Dennis foisting a Steve Winwood CD on an annoyed instructor who preferred techno-pop. One episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt focused on an indoor cycling guru and his exclusive class. Even Carrie on The King of Queens, a decade ago, spoke about her indoor cycling class.

Your Wheel, Your Ride! Give Indoor Cycling Classes a Try!…

Indoor cycling has been a staple in all types of gyms since the 1990’s. People of different ages, shapes and fitness levels praise it. The tri-athlete, wiping sweat from her brow, chats in the locker room with the newbie about their favorite instructor. It sounds great. It sounds welcoming! But you have reservations. You wonder if sitting on that saddle is as painful as it looks. You worry if you waited to long to try. Would you be able to keep up?

The beauty about indoor cycling is that it is never too late to start. The sitcom parodies demonstrate an important point. Indoor cycling classes come in many forms and easily incorporate people with varied skill levels, tastes, life-stages and goals.

There are several benefits to indoor cycling:


Increases cardiovascular and muscular endurance and strength Low-impact on joints Burns calories Enhances Sports Performance- Speed and Power

In addition, indoor cycling is a solid cross-training option that can be done in any weather. If you join a class, you have the added bonus of group energy and a “coach” who programs motivating music and provides effective pace and movement cues.

Cycling can appear to require alot of special gear. But it doesn’t.

You Do Need:

Firm-soled sneakers Comfortable pants or shorts Water bottle Towel Instructor/trainer to help you adjust the bike’s settings

You Don’t Need:

Cycling shoes with clips- Many pedals have clips on one side. However, the flip-side usually has a “cage” you can fit to any sneaker. Gloves Chamois Shorts- You’re afraid that seat will bruise more than your ego? No worries. You’ll be encouraged to rise off the saddle often during class. Your buns will get breaks! Still concerned? Many studios have a few “gel seats” hidden away for people to use. Ask. Cycling Jersey- Any shirt will do.  If you’re a heavy sweater, consider wearing a quick-wicking fabric.

Are you still doubtful about rolling into a ride? Don’t be! In a group setting it is expected that you go at your own pace. It’s o.k. to modify movements. You can sit while others are standing. You can rest. Instructors encourage riders to increase or decrease cadence or tension, but they can’t tell by looking how much tension you have on the wheel. If the instructor can’t tell, other participants can’t tell either. It is your workout and your ride.

Grab the handle bars! Work the pedals! Own it!

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